#ThankYouDay Parkstone Gathering 2021

We are hosting a community picnic to celebrate Thank You Day on Sunday the 4th of July at the Pavilion in Alexandra Park from 12pm.

We want to create a great summer party atmosphere. There will be a BBQ and drinks available, and we are inviting people from Parkstone who play an instrument or sing to come and share their talents with us. We are also making some outdoor games available.

There are several community groups from across Parkstone with volunteers who are celebrating with us, and it is a great opportunity to say thank you, together.

We hope this event will be a fresh beginning and celebrate building stronger connections and sharing ideas across Parkstone that can help our neighbourhood flourish.

We want to create a neighbourhood of belonging and we want you to feel part of that.

We hope you will bring some picnic food to enjoy and that you might nominate a person you know who deserves a big Thank you and bring them with you so we can celebrate them together.

We want to create an event where we can say thank you to the people in our lives who mean the most and above all to have some fun together.

We would love you to join us – you can do that by clicking on the booking link, so we know we have enough space for everyone.


Parkstone Together

PCE is joining forces with Community Alliances and Parkstone Neighbourhood having successfully gained support from the Virgin Media O2 Together Fund.

We are seeking to empower community minded people in our neighbourhood who have ideas to improve the area to come forward and share them.

We have teamed up with Vocal Eyes to deliver an online ideas platform for Parkstone.

Empowering people with video digital storytelling is also part of the journey and we are making video equipment and expertise available to people to help their voices to be heard. We have joined the equipment library provided by Alliance Media.


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